Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Week Wrap Up

Better late than never (since we're already on day 2 of week 2), but here's a quick recap of week 1...

We spent a lot of time on team building activities, learned about the staff and students through various activities and challenges (like "Find a Friend" Bingo, getting to know you M&M game, and more), got familiar with the schedule and expectations of Club 21, and more.

Here are a few pics from last week...

We each wrote 5 of our personal strengths on 5 strips of paper. When we put them all together, we made this huge paper chain showing our strength as a team.
We created Lego self portraits to show off our style and favorite activities and hobbies.
We had to collaborate and communicate to construct the tallest tower possible out of paper alone in an engineering team challenge.
To discover which group we were working with on various collaborative activities, we had to take puzzle pieces and fit our names to our team's puzzle.
Playing a round of "Find A Friend Bingo"
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